Box2D Javascript Ports

The port used in the MentalGrain tutorials is currently Box2dWeb. This version hasn’t been updated since 2011, but contains sufficient functionality to have lots of fun.

Another alternative is Box2D JS which seems to be updated frequently.


The Box2DFlash User Manual is a create starting point. Yes, it’s for Flash, but the commands are (often) the same for the Javascript port. Don’t forget to hit the References for the nitty gritty.


When looking for Box2D tutorials there are two sites that really stand out and have been inspirations to the tutorials here on MentralGrain:

  • (C++) – full of comprehensive tutorials and explanations that will help you understand how Box2D works.
  • Emanuele Feronato (Flash) – another great source of Box2D tutorials (he has a lot of other cool stuff on the site as well).

On-line Courses

Udacity has a course on HTML5 Game Development. It provides some good guidance if you’re new to game development. Not fluent in Javascript? Don’t fret! The course does a fairly good job of familiarising you with Javascript as well.